Sunday, January 11, 2009

1991 Upper Deck, Tom Glavine

#480 Tom Glavine

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. My best friend got married, so I was pretty busy. But, I got a sweet autographed bat out of the deal that I will post on here tomorrow night.

I got this card signed through the mail in the early '90s, just like the Molitor card. Luckily, this card was not signed with a green marker or it would have been as hard to see as Molitor's.

Glavine is the most recent pitcher to collect 300 wins. After Randy Johnson reaches that mark this season (hopefully), it might be a very long time until we see another 300 game winner.

As of right now, Glavine is still unsigned. I have heard that it's either going to be the Braves or retirement, but I don't know how factual that statement really is. I have also heard that he still signs through the mail. So if he comes back next year, you might have another chance to get a future Hall of Famer's signature.


night owl said...

Johnson is now a Giant. So I've stopped hoping he reaches 300 games.

Dave said...

That is a truly great (and great looking) card. 10/10, one of my favorites that you've posted.