Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1992 Classic/Best, Aaron Sele

#175 Aaron Sele

Here is another card that I got signed through the mail. This will be a recurring theme here throughout my 1992 cards. I got this one when Aaron was a young pitcher with the Red Sox. He never did much with the Sox, but in his first season with the Rangers, he won 19 games and made his first All-Star team. The next three years, he won 18, 17, and 15 games and made another All-Star team along the way. He has been to as many All-Star games as Carlos Delgado. After that, he never reached double digits in wins again.

Aaron even personalized this card to me. It says "Zach God Bless!" Here is another instance when the autograph that I have and the one that Baseball Almanac has do not look even remotely similar.

This card shows Aaron as a Lynchburg Red Sox. The team in Lynchburg today is the Hillcats and the are affiliated with the Pirates.


Anonymous said...

You're right. There's no way the same person signed your card and the one on Baseball Almanac.

zman40 said...

I know that some player's signatures will change through time, but not that much. The A alone is two completely different styles. This is not the first time that I have noticed this.

The first one was with Steve Sax.

Dave said...

This is one of my favorites! Personalized autographs by themselves are just awesome to begin with, but this card takes it to another level. I just love the way Sele is framed in the center of the photograph. I'm also a sucker for old school looking uniforms, and at this angle, it sure looks like an old school uni to me, with the muted colors and lack of visible logos (I'm talking super old school).

I also love the minor league advertisement across the outfield wall.

Awesome, awesome card. It doesn't hurt that Sele was kind of a phenom for a while (if only for the wins category)

Dave said...

Oh yeah, another great detail I missed at first -- the shortstop (I think??) in the background is facing toward first base, which suggests this is a warm up pitch. Even better! Reminds me of sitting at Rosenblatt Stadium watching the Omaha Royals and Louisville Redbirds years ago. Baseball is the only sport where downtime at the ballpark is actually entertaining. You rarely see this caught on baseball cards.

zman40 said...

Dave, I love the way you view cards. You have a knack for picking out great stuff that I often overlook. Keep it up.

Dave said...

Also, keep me posted about the Saltdogs game! I saw your comment on GJ. That could be a lot of fun.