Monday, January 26, 2009

1992 Donruss, Eric Karros

#16 Eric Karros

Here is yet another card that I got signed through the mail in the early '90s, probably 1992. Eric won the National League Rookie of the Year in 1992, so I was able to get both league's ROYs that year. Eric was the first of four consecutive ROYs for the Dodgers.

Eric had a good career that lasted 14 seasons. All but two of them were with the Dodgers. He hit over 30 home runs five times and had over 100 RBI five times as well. He now works for Fox and helps out with their pregame show on Saturdays.

Either this card or the previous one (Nilsson) was my very first Rated Rookie that I got signed. Eric has a good looking signature. I know that Night Owl will appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Nice. I always liked those 1992 Donruss cards.

night owl said...

You know it! (By the way, I forgot to remind you of beer can appreciation day. It was Saturday. Oops. Maybe you recognized it anyway).

zman40 said...

Dangit! I forgot all about it and did my appreciation on Friday and Sunday.