Saturday, January 24, 2009

1992 Classic/Best, Cliff Floyd

#380 Cliff Floyd

Here is another card that I got signed through the mail around 1994. I was just looking at Cliff's stats and I was a little disappointed in them. I guess that I was expecting bigger numbers from someone that has been around as long as he has. He has played 16 years in the big leagues, but he has only topped 30 homers twice, and he has only topped 20 homers five times. I guess that I was expecting a some bigger numbers there. Plus, he has only broken the 100 RBI plateau once.

To me, the coolest part about this card is the team, the Albany Polecats. How sweet of a name is that? Their logo is basically a skunk. They only played in Albany, Georgia for four years before packing up and moving to Maryland to become the Delmarva Shorebirds.

This is the last card of the '92 Classic/Best set. Tomorrow, I'll be moving on to some Dunruss cards.


tastelikedirt said...

He had a pretty good year in his first full year. People expected bigger and better things.

Was he injured almost every year of his career?

zman40 said...

I didn't even think about that. Looking at his stats, he only played in 120 games or more five times in his career.

JRJ said...

I know with the Mets he played with a bad achillies for a couple of years. To me, he seemed to really gut it out a few times and try to keep going (I wish that would rub off on our current CF).

Polecats is a great name.