Sunday, January 18, 2009

1992 Bowman, Tim Scott

#454 Tim Scott

I am starting out 1992 with a Padrograph. I do not remember Tim Scott at all. But if I looked hard enough, I am sure that I could find a handfull of cards of him. He pitched in the big leagues for seven seasons, mostly with the Padres and Expos. He made 276 appearances and they were all in relief. He finished his Major League career with a 4.13 ERA.

This is the only '92 Bowman that I have signed. For some reason, Topps made Bowman one of there premium sets in 1992 and took them out of my price range. They were some good looking cards; I just do not have very many of them.

This is completely off-topic, but I could not resist. My dad has always said some strange things and some of them remind me of Yogi Berra's Yogi-isms. For instance, I mentioned to him how good a year Kurt Warner was having and how amazing it was since I thought that he was washed up years ago. My dad replied "yeah, guys like that will always come back sometimes". Classic!

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