Thursday, January 8, 2009

1991 Ultra, Paul Faries

#302 Paul Faries

Paul played parts of four seasons with the Padres and Giants. He only made it into 96 games and he was a .201 hitter for his short career. He hung around and played AAA ball for four more seasons after he last appeared in the Majors.

If you click on the link above to head to Paul's Baseball Almanac page, you will see that they show a 1991 Fleer card of him. The picture on that card looks like it was taken at about the same time as this one.

This is the only 1991 Fleer Ultra card that I have signed. I don't have too many of these cards. They kind of remind of the early Leaf cards with the cheap silver foil-like stuff. But, looking back on them, they are a nice relief from all of the new millennium Ultra that they kept regurgitating year after year.

This is one of the cards that Rod from Padrographs sent me.

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