Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1992 Donruss, Marquis Grissom

#137 Marquis Grissom

Here is another card that I got through the mail in the early '90s. Grissom played for the Expos franchise that was building momentum in the early '90s. Unfortunately, they got derailed by the strike and the team was never the same afterwards. If it wasn't for the strike, this team might have been still playing in Montreal.

Grissom had some really good years while with Montreal. He had 207 stolen bases in one three-year span. In 1993, he scored 104 runs and had 95 RBI. After his days with the Expos, he played for the Braves, Indians, Brewers, Dodgers, and Giants. He played in three straight World Series from '95-97, winning it in '95 with the Braves. He was with the Giants in 2003 when they went to the Series, but he did not play in it.


night owl said...

Montreal was my best opportunity to see major league baseball live. I went to several games there. Since the Expos left, I've had a hard time getting to games. Too far away, too costly.

Anonymous said...

I always liked Grissom, but I never got his autograph. He doesn't really seem to sign that much through the mail now.

zman40 said...

Paul, I guess that I was lucky to get mine when I did.

Nightowl, I made it to a game in Montreal in 2002 to see the Royals play there. I had a great time. I couldn't find the parking lot, so I parked at the botanical gardens for free. I bought the cheapest ticket that they had and then sat 20 rows behind the Royals dugout. Plus, I got Frank Robinson's autograph at the game.

night owl said...

I was in Montreal for a game in 2002, too. Mid-August. To see the Dodgers, of course.

MDA said...

I have to back to the last century when I saw the Expos. I caught a doubleheader against the Pirates at Parc Jarry in July of 1974. Crud, I'm old.

Willie Stargell hit a HR in the second game.

The strike might have started their demise, but Mr. Selig stepped on the gas and drove them down the highway.

zman40 said...

Parc Jerry? Sweet! That was probably a little better than Olympic Stadium.

You are partially right about the Expos. I would tend to blame it more on the owner, who basically gave up on the city. Then Selig allowed the three team trade of owners that left the Expos owned by MLB. Everyone knew that the team was doomed after that.