Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1991 Topps, Lee Smith

#660 Lee Smith

This is the second card that Lee signed at the Willie Wilson Classic. I had three cards for him to sign, but he only signed two of them. You can see the other one he signed here and the one that I got signed through the mail in the '90s here.

This card shows Lee as a Cardinal. During his tenure in St. Louis, he recorded over 40 saves three times, including his career high of 47 in 1991. In about five days, we will find out if Lee made the Hall.

This is a pretty nice card. It shows him making the "T" that I'm always trying to get my little leaguers to do.


night owl said...

Now THAT is a sweet card.

JRJ said...

Very cool - no one walked slower to the mound from the bullpen than Lee Arthur Smith! :)