Sunday, January 4, 2009

1991 Topps, Dave Martinez

#24 Dave Martinez

This is the third and final Dave Martinez card that I got signed in Kansas City back in July. Dave was the the Rays bench coach last season. You can see the first two here and here.

That day wasn't a very good day for me, in terms of getting signatures. I only came home with nine signed cards- three from Dave here, three from Steve Henderson (hitting coach) and three from Tim Bogar (the quality assurance coach). I didn't get one autograph from a player. I could have gotten back-up catcher Shawn Riggans, but I didn't have a card of him. Matt Garza signed a few on the other side of the dugout, but I didn't want to lose the spot that I was in. Longoria signed for a couple of people, including the guy right next to me. But, he stopped after him and went into the clubhouse. And, the bullpen coach, Bobby Ramos, said that he would sign for me after batting practice, but he blew me off. So, it wasn't my best day at the ballpark, but it certainly wasn't my worst, either.

Dave played for sixteen seasons in the Major Leagues. During that time, he played for nine different teams. In 2000, he started off the season in Tampa Bay. He was traded in May to the Cubs for Mark Guthrie. Less than a month later, the Cubbies shipped him off to Texas for Brant Brown. Less than two months after that, the Rangers sent him to Toronto for Peter Munro in what must have been a waiver wire deal. For the year, he played in 132 games, but no more than 47 with one team. Those games were with the Blue Jays where he had a .311 average. That was the best stint that he had that year.

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