Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2005 Diamond Kings, Miguel Olivo

#206 Miguel Olivo

Here is the second of maybe seven or eight Miguel Olivo autographs that I own. I got this one signed by the Royals parking lot prior to a game in 2009.

I bought this card for cheap from just because it is from a set that I had never seen before. I thought that it would be a good card to get signed when I bought it, but I really wasn't too pleased with the results afterwards. It came out OK, but I really don't like the dark blue strip running vertically across the center of the card. If the strip was a different color or a lighter shade of blue, I think that I might have been a little more happy with the turnout. But, oh well. It is still a neat card from a good-looking set.

This season, Miguel has returned to the Mariners and I might be seeing him play Saturday afternoon in Kansas City. So far this year, Miguel is off to a slow start. He is just 6-33 (.182) with no extra-base hits and 13 strikeouts. Ouch!!

The first Miguel Olivo card was posted this past September and it can be seen here.

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