Thursday, February 19, 2009

1992 Stadium Club, Brian McRae

#270 Brian McRae

I think that this is the final B-Mac card that I have on here, but I could be wrong. You can see the first three here, here, and here. I really have no clue how or where I got this card signed. It was probably at a Royals Caravan event, bit I'm not sure.

Brian was at Royals fanfest this year. But, he only appeared on Sunday and I went on Saturday. I was hoping to get some cards signed by him just so I would have some cards where I knew when I got them signed. Plus, I had some Cubs and Mets cards to get signed so that I could mix it up a bit.

This is one of the few Stadium Club cards that I have signed.


Dave said...

Fabulous looking card, especially with the autograph. Of the four b-macs it's probably my favorite.

zman40 said...

This may have been one of the first sets without borders. While I don't care for the Stadium Club logo on these, I do like the lack of borders.

Dave said...

Yeah at least one of the first legitimate sets without borders! I remember some rather obscure looking Nolan Ryan and Ken Griffey Jr. cards as a kid. Did you ever see the Nolan Ryan half dressed as a cowboy for a shoot out, half dressed as a ballplayer? I think every dealer in the entire state had that card.

zman40 said...

I don't remember seeing the card, but I think that I saw a poster of that.