Thursday, February 12, 2009

1992 Score, Bruce Hurst

#111 Bruce Hurst

This is the second Bruce Hurst card that Rod sent me. As for the first one, I ended up giving it to 30-Year Old Cardboard when he won the contest on here.

To me, these are some decent looking cards. Some of the colors are a little goofy, but they are definitely a unique-looking card. The box on the side takes away from the pictures (and adds to the border), but at least the players picture goes over the box. Dave, from Goose Joak, liked this set enough to make a card of Scott Rolen in the style of '92 Score.

As for this autograph, I do not know how it was obtained. It would be fitting if it was acquired through the mail, like most of the other cards from this year that I have signed.

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Rod said...

I did get both the Hurst cards through the mail.