Monday, February 16, 2009

1992 Skybox AA, Pat Mahomes

#295 Pat Mahomes

Here's another card that I got signed at the Grand Prairie AirHogs game. It was game one of the American Association championship and Pat pitched for the Sioux Falls Canaries.

These cards look almost exactly like the the 1991 Line Drive cards. There are only a few subtle differences. I don't know if Line Drive was bought by Skybox or what. The picture on this card was even used on Pat's 1991 card. That is why Pat Mahomes is wearing a different jersey than Pat Meares.

I always thought that those were some neat jerseys. They are kind of like the late '90s Angels jerseys (the sleeveless look that wasn't sleeveless) and the '70s Braves jerseys (with the feather on the arms). My American Legion team had jerseys just like this. I thought that they were the most original ones in the state. I still have mine somewhere.

In 1993, the Sun Rays switched affiliation to the Cubs and became the Orlando Cubs. In '97, they switched their names to the Orlando Rays. In '98, they were affiliated with the Mariners and in '99 they were with the Devil Rays. In 2004, they moved to Montgomery and changed their name to the Montgomery Biscuits. They are still affiliated with the Rays.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that SkyBox bought the company that produced the Line Drive sets. I never saw a card with the red square award before, though.

Dave said...

Yeah, I immediately thought of those Braves jerseys as well.