Wednesday, February 4, 2009

09 UD: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I bought my first packs of 2009 cards today. I bought three hobby packs of Upper Deck. I think that this is the first time that I have ever bought UD hobby before. I was shocked when I got to the card shop and was told that the packs were $5 a pop. Then he told me that there was 20 cards per pack. So my three $5 packs were like six $3 packs from Wal-Mart. Plus, there are sixteen packs per box and one auto and two relics per box. So here is what I liked and what I didn't like.


Brian McCann Dual Swatch- GJ-BM (37/149)

Not only this, but I got an autograph of a crappy reliever, but I'll leave that for later on. Two hits in three packs. Not bad.

Nolan Ryan 20th Anniversiry- 208

This is a cool looking card. I'm not sure if this is an insert or part of the regular set. But, I would guess insert.

Nick Franklin USA baseball- 18U-NF

I have no idea who Nick Franklin is, but I got two USA cards in the three packs. Both were from the under 18 team. I'm hoping that they put last years Olympic team in packs. I have a friend who was on the team and I haven't pulled a card of him in six years.


Pat Burrell gold card- 294 (63/99)

I have no use for gold cards. I didn't even realize that this one was different from the rest until my second time through. This is borderline ugly to me, but I needed something in the bad catagory.


Gas price plummets Historic Firsts Predictor- HP-2

My first thought when I saw this was WTF. Why waste cardboard on this stupid card? This is pointless and I doubt that anybody will care that this card exists. It's just another worthless gimmick card. Plus, gas used be $0.99 a gallon. So how can this be a first?

A 2008 Documentary card in '09 UD- 4926

Here is another one where I said WTF and then added "why is this in here". I was starting to think Topps Heritage high numbers until I saw that this one is from the ALCS. This one takes off where the original set left off with a photo from interleague play. But, at least Jason hit a home run in this game. I bought one pack of this crap last month, got an auto, and I figured that I would quit while I was ahead.

A-Rod Yankee Stadium Legacy- 6720

When I got this card, I thought "Noooooo, not these again." I never paid any attention to these last year, but by looking at this one, I just realized that they must have made one card for every game at Yankee Stadium (I'm quick, huh). This one shows A-Rod for a game that the Yankees got spanked. The backs talk about him and have a boxscore of the game that has nothing to do with A-Rod. This may be where they got the idea of Documentary.

So, there they are. I didn't get much base cards that stood out to me besides an Alex Gordon card with him in the powder blue jersey. Most of the stars that I got were on team checklists.


night owl said...

Wow. Everyone picked up UD today.

zman40 said...

I guess so. I can't find any Topps, yet.

Anonymous said...

I like your jersey card better than the Pat Burrell one I pulled. I can't figure out why you got a uniform number window and I got "PB-J".