Tuesday, February 10, 2009

1992 Pinnacle, Jose Guzman

#98 Jose Guzman

I got this card signed through the, wait no I didn't. Sorry. I had been in a rhythm for a week or two now. I actually got this card signed at a Rangers game last September. Jose works for one of the Spanish speaking radio stations as a color man.

An autograph seeking Rangers fan helped me out on this one. We were standing around trying to get some of the Rangers pitchers autographs. I mentioned that I didn't come as prepared as I usually do. He asked what I meant and I told him that I completely forgot about the rosters expanding on the first (I had been on the road for for five days seeing four ballparks). He asked who I needed cards of and I told him. He went through his stack and pulled out a card for each person I named. I thanked him and asked if he would like a couple of hot dogs or a beer or something, but he politely declined. Well, none of those guys signed after their workout, so I gave the cards back to him. He didn't want them back but after I explained that I already had all of those cards and that he may need them before I would, he took them back. Then, he pulls out this Guzman card. He tells me to go up to the club level (or mezzanine or what ever it's called there) and walk under the booth with all of the flags. That is Jose's booth and he'll sign if you ask. So, I thanked him again and he got ready to leave and turned to this little boy that wasn't having much luck getting autographs. He hands the boy an '08 Topps Heritage card that he had gotten signed by Josh Hamilton that morning. What a nice guy!

So, after I did a few things that I needed to do, I went up by the booths. This is the only ballpark that I can think of where you can reach up to the booths from the seating area. Jose wasn't there, so I left and came back a little later. He still wasn't there. But, the guy that gave me the card was. He was getting one of the Mariners TV guys to sign (it was either Randy Velarde or Mike Blowers, I'm not sure why I can't remember which). He pointed out which booth it was again and told me to wait. The usher there was super-nice and she told be to have a seat until he got there. Eventually, he came and signed this card.

I never got the guy's name who gave me this card, but thank you.

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Brian said...

That is a great story. It is always nice to run into someone like that. I'm sure that kid with the Hamilton card won't forget it either.