Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1992 Triple Play, Travis Fryman

#86 Travis Fryman

Here is another through the mail success from the early '90s. Travis quietly had a very productive career. He mainly played on a crappy Tigers team and an Indians team at the end of its run. But during that time, he had three 100 RBI seasons, seven seasons of 20 or more home runs, and was a five time All Star. He even had one Gold Glove and one Silver Slugger. Last year, he was the manager of the Mahoning Valley Scrappers, a New York-Penn League affiliate of the Indians.

1992 was the first year of Donruss' Triple Play brand. It was a cheap set compared to the regular Donruss. It wasn't glossy at all. It would have been a good bunch of cards to get signed. For some reason, I only have a couple cards signed from this set and I bought a box of this stuff. But, I guess I bought boxes of many of the 1992 cards, so that might be a reason.

It is very odd how Travis signed the side of the card like he did. Also, I love the picture with the beltless pants.

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