Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1992 Skybox AAA, Henry Rodriguez

#19 Henry Rodriguez

I'm not one hundred percent sure how I ended up with two of these. I know that I got them through the mail while Henry was probably still with the Dodgers. But I think I sent him one card, he kept it, and returned these two instead. It's a little strange, but it's not the only time that has happened to me (although it's the only time I got two back).

Henry had four really good seasons from 1996-1999. His best season came in '96 when he had 36 homers and 103 RBI. I'm not sure what happened to him after the '99 season, but I assume it was injury problems.

Check out the pose on this card. It has an outfielder playing super-shallow in the infield. Henry must have thought that that was pretty funny, too, based on that grin.

Since I have two of these, I will give one of them away. If you would like it, all you have to do is be the first one to claim it in the comment section.


Dave said...

Seriously? I can send you an "Oh Henry" candy bar in return, right?

Dave said...

Regarding this post 1999 career...I thought he went to Japan and almost broke the single season home run record. It's amazing that he didn't get a shot to come back.

zman40 said...

No, Henry played in the Majors up to 2002, though sparingly. He came back to the independent Atlanic League for a few seasons, but no Japanese League.

So, did you want the card? If you did, you could send me any candy bar you wanted.

Dave said...

Oh yeah! Maybe I'm thinking of Tuffy Rhodes.

Yeah I'd love to trade for the card! Either cards or candy, it's your pick. Unfortunately I don't have anything off your want list so it may be the candy unless you've got some other ideas.