Friday, February 27, 2009

1992 Ultra, Juan Gonzalez

#132 Juan Gonzalez

I bought this card signed at a card show around 1993 or so. This is the only signed baseball card that I have ever bought. I guess that any more, I just don't trust people enough to know if it is an authentic autograph or not. I have a signed 8x10 photo of Mike Piazza and a signed ball from Mark McGwire and both of those are fakes. So, any more, I try to get my autographs in person and occasionally through the mail.

I paid $5 for this card. I'm pretty sure that I bought it since Juan didn't sign the card I sent him. It looks similar to the card on Baseball Almanac and a ball that I got signed at a Royals game in 2001.


Dave said...

Yeah, I think my brother tried to get Juan's autograph through the mail as well. Same story.

Regarding the validity of on card autographs, I have my doubts as well. Back in the mid 90's, I remember buying a Pedro Martinez autograph at a card show for $5 (back when he was amazing with Montreal) and thinking there were 50/50 odds that it was fake. Maybe worse. I mean, $5? A pack of Fleer Flair or Leaf Limited was $5.

All that said, I WANT TO BELIEVE, right? It's a great looking card if it's legit.

zman40 said...

All I can say is that it looks like it might have been signed by him. I thought my Piazza photo was legit until he got traded from the Dodgers in 1998. Piazza wrote a letter (I'm not sure if it was to the fans or the Dodgers) and Sports Illustrated published it. The letter was signed and it looked nothing like what I had on my picture. I even got a crappy certificate of authenticity with it.

Wow. I'm not signed in right now, so blogger is making me do a word verification. My word is:


Dave said...

Oh wow, that made me laugh out loud

Brian said...

I got his auto in person at a card show in Arlington back in 94 or 95. It was on a ball, but it looked a lot like that sig. That doesn't make it real, but it looks close to me.

Paul P said...

Why would he be wearing the black-eye under the eyes in a day game?