Saturday, August 1, 2015

2007 Bowman Heritage, Cedric Hunter

#BHP9 Cedric Hunter

While this is not the first Cedric Hunter autograph I got, it is the newest. I got my first Hunter auto about four years ago when Rod, from Padrographs, sent me one of his customs that Cedric signed. I have yet to post that card, but here is one that Rod gave me last month.

On my trip to the west coast, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Rod at a Hillsboro Hops game. Rod came bearing gifts and added about sixty more autographs to my collection. About half of the cards he had for me came slabbed by an unknown company to me, Historic Grading and Authentication. Rod apparently picked up a lot of cards authenticated by them just because he needed one of the cards in the lot for his collection. He did not need the rest, so he handed them off to me at the game. It was very generous of him.

So far, this is the only card out of the lot that I have unslabbed. Here is a picture of what is left of the slab.

It looks like this company charges $8 to authenticate a card, but they have bulk rates, too. I am not sure what their bulk rates are, but eight bucks seems a little steep to get a card of Cedric Hunter authenticated.

To date, Cedric has played in six Major League games and they were all with the Padres in 2011. He went 1-4. He is currently playing for the Braves AAA team.

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