Monday, May 9, 2011

2005 Topps, Miguel Olivo

#618 Miguel Olivo

Here is the second 2005 Miguel Olivo card that I have posted recently. The other one can be seen here. If you are wondering where I got this card signed, read the other post. This card was signed at the same time. It is worth noting that Miguel hit a home run that night after signing my cards. I think that signing autographs and good karma go hand in hand.

When I posted that last Olivo card, Miguel was hitting just .182 with no extra-base hits. He has picked it up a little bit since then and his average has risen to .212. He has also added two doubles and two home runs.

I picked this card up from the garage sale where I bought the Val Majewski/John Maine card.


Orioles Magic said...

I got my first Derrek Lee autograph on Friday and he homered, so maybe you're onto something. Although if everyone who signed for the two of us hit a homer, I think the power numbers would be off the charts.

zman40 said...

Not if 75% of the autographs that we got were of AL pitchers. But, you're probably right.