Thursday, October 29, 2009

1995 Signature Rookies, Matt Beaumont

#DD1 Matt Beaumont

Here is another card that I know nothing about. I am assuming that this card was in the same set as yesterdays card. Judging by the "1 of 10,000" line and the number on the back, this must be an insert card. Matt got off lucky and only had to sign just over a fifth of the 10,000 cards made of him.

Matt never made it to the Major Leagues. In fact, he really struggled at the AA level. He pitched in AA in parts of six seasons and only pitched in two games in AAA. For his career, he posted an ERA that is around 5 for the AA level.

I must say that this is one of the ugliest cards that I have ever seen. What is up with that border? The only good part to the design of this card is the imaginary Angles uniform that Signature Rookies invented.

I got this card earlier in the week from dayf, the Cardboard Junkie. I won a Gwinnett Braves schedule and he sent this card and a Dennis Leonard card along with it. Thanks!

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Dan said...

That is one ugly card, that's for sure.