Thursday, November 18, 2010

2004 Greats of the Game, Bobby Shantz

#55 Bobby Shantz

Here is a card that I got signed through the mail two years ago. I bought this card off of ebay and I intended to use this card as a test run. Since Bobby had his best years in the early '50s, some of his better cards were a little pricey. So I bought this card for a dollar plus shipping and I sent it to Bobby to get signed. If it came back, the plan was to buy a card from the '50s of him and then send it to him.

Obviously, this card made it back and it only took eight days. Ten days after that, I finally had his '54 Topps card and I sent that one to him, too. It made it back just as quickly as the first and he even inscribed "1952 AL MVP" on it as requested.

I would say more about Bobby, but I would just be repeating everything I said when I posted his '54 Topps card. Check it out to find out more. Or, if you would rather have Paul's take on Bobby's career, you can read about it at Auto-Matic for the People.

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