Sunday, November 7, 2010

2004 Donruss, Jeremy Affeldt

#128 Jeremy Affeldt

Here is a couple of cards of World Series champion, Jeremy Affeldt.

I got these two cards signed at different points in 2005. My dad got the one on the left signed for me at a local Royals Caravan stop. I was either deployed to Iraq at the time or I was in Georgia getting ready to deploy. That's why my dad was in charge of it. Apparently it was sprinkling when my dad left the signing and that is why there is some spots in the signature. Why he didn't cover them up, I do not know. I guess that is just what happens when you leave other people in charge of getting autographs for you. At least the other cards he got signed came out alright.

The card on the right was the result of a TTM attempt later that year. I was deployed in Iraq at the time and this is one of three TTM returns I had that summer. The nice thing about TTMing from Iraq is that you didn't have to pay for postage to mail something to the States. You just needed to include return postage, so it cost half as much as it usually does.

Jeremy always seemed like a nice guy while he was in Kansas City. These are the only cards I have signed by him, but I have a few autographs on team balls. One time in 2003, Jeremy and Mike MacDougal climbed into the stands on a cold and rainy April day to sign autographs. I wasn't at the game that day (it was postponed), but I did see a picture of it on the Royals website. That is the only time that I have seen a player in the stands to sign autographs (though I heard that Barry Bonds did the same thing later that year).

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Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

I find it strange that it's cheaper to mail TTMs from Iraq than Maryland, but at least you got a perk for serving.