Monday, November 15, 2010

2004 Fleer Tradition, Brad Ausmus

#79 Brad Ausmus

Here is a card of the recently retired Brad Ausmus. Brad played in the Majors for eighteen years and he spent the first seventeen of them without ever spending a day on the disabled list. That all changed this past season. After starting just one game at the beginning of the season, Brad was put on the DL because of back pain. The back pain eventually led to surgery, which some thought would be the end of Brad's career. But, he fought back and was back with the team by the end of July. It was after that first game back that Brad announced that this would be his final season.

Brad played for the Padres, Tigers, Astros, and Dodgers in his career, spending a majority of the time in Houston. He won three Gold Gloves in his career and was named an All Star once. He finished his career in seventh place among catchers in games caught and in third place for putouts by a catcher. What happens next in Brad's career is anyones guess, but I would be terribly surprised if he did not end up coaching or managing (either Majors or Minors) soon.

This card was given to me last year by Paul, of Paul's Random Stuff. I would assume that Paul got this card signed TTM, but you know what happens when you assume.

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