Sunday, November 14, 2010

2004 Fleer Platinum, Ty Wigginton

Here is a card that I got signed at Kauffman Stadium in 2009. Ty was in town with the Orioles and I was able to get this card signed during batting practice. He only signed one card for me. I don't know if that is his standard practice or if he only signed one because I screwed up and put an Aubrey Huff card on the same page as two of Ty's cards. My bad.

Ty finished up his ninth Major League season for his fifth franchise. He has played for the Mets, Pirates, Devil Rays, Astros, and Orioles. With the O's this past summer, Ty made his first All Star team. If I remember correctly, he was the American League's version of Omar Infante (the super-utility guy on the squad). He finished the season with a .248 average along with 22 home runs and 76 driven in. He just missed his career highs of 24 and 79 that he had with the Rays in 2006.

I really like this Fleer Platinum set. It obviously is a modern take on the 1984 set, with only slight modifications. Plus, it is not glossy, which is always a plus in my book.

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