Friday, November 12, 2010

2004 Fleer Platinum, Joe Randa

#34 Joe Randa

Here is a card that I got signed at the weird Royals Caravan appearance last winter at the Kansas State basketball game. I call it weird since there wasn't a autograph signing and that is usually the whole point of the Caravan. Instead, the three players attended a private party and then watched the first half of the basketball game before leaving. Luckily, I was on top of my game that night and I came home with three hard-earned autographs (two from Joe and one from George Brett).

When I first started this blog, I did not have a single card signed by Joe. I had a few balls signed by him and an 8x10 and maybe a team issued postcard, but no baseball cards. Now, after a card package from Padrographs, the Royals caravan, and Royals Fanfest, I think I am up to at least six cards signed by Joe. He is starting to be one of the more frequent caravan/fanfest attendees and the cards are starting to stack up. Lucky for me that I have a ton of unsigned Randa cards laying around. I'm even trying to trade for his 1998 Topps card on Topps Million Card giveaway right now, just so I can have a signed Tigers card of him.

To date, I have posted four Joe Randa cards. You can see the first one here, the second one here, and the third (AKA Freddy Kruger sweater card) here. The next card I have to post of him is a 2006 card, so it may be a while before that gets posted. There is probably a better chance of me posting a card from Fanfest before I get to the '06 card.

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unclemoe said...

Ah my dad and I were actually talking about Joe Randa Tuesday night. Nice guy.