Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Contest Winnings from APAD

A couple of weeks ago, I won a contest at A Pack A Day. If you haven't been following APAD lately, you are missing out. Skoormit has been a one-man posting machine on there. He's been averaging close to a pack a day while also updating his own blog, EX-MT.

A few weeks ago, he had a contest where he bought some packs of '88 Topps. You had to guess if there would be more California-born players or more foriegn-born players in the packs and you had to guess how many more there would be. The name of the contest was "Cali vs World". Cali won by 23 and I had the closest guess at 14.

Skoormit asked me what I wanted and I told him that I would take some Royals cards, but if he had any junk autos sitting around, I would rather have them. He ended up sending me some cool Royals cards and one autograph (which isn't junk). I'll show the Royals here and save the auto for a later date. If you really want to know who it is, go to Skoormit's blog. He posted the winnings on there.

Here is the first scan. There is a bunch of gold Royals here. But, the one card that really stood out to me was the Joey Gathright mini. I have never seen those before. Were they randomly inserted into packs of Fleer that year, or what?

Here is the second scan. There is some new OPC, a Fleer Greats Bo, a couple of Royals legends out of the '84 Topps set, and a couple of '71 Topps Royals. Check out that Rich Severson card. It has a few wrinkles in it and some bent corners. But the one feature that really stands out to me is the tack hole in it. Look just behind his head and you can see a nice exit wound from a tack. The tack entered the photo on the back by his cheek and came out on the other side in the back of the head. Someone didn't like Mr. Severson as a kid.

Here is the highlight of the package.

A Bo Jackson bat card form 2008 Playoff Prime Cuts, numbered 25/99. How cool is that? This is my first game used card of a former player and it's Bo! For about four months in 1991, I became a Bo player collector. I had nearly all of his cards up to that point except for some Traded/Update rookie cards. So this is a very cool addition. Thanks Skoormit!

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skoormit said...

You are quite welcome, and I'm glad you like the Bo. Thanks for playing in the contest.

That's a funny point about the tack hole in the Severson card. I picked up those in a big lot on the bay and never noticed.

Yes, 2007 Fleer had those die-cut minis randomly inserted. I love them--they are probably my favorite mini format ever.

And I pulled another mini of Gathright just yesterday, in the OPC pack I posted on APAD, acouple days after pulling his base card. I'm on a Joey Gathright spree, it seems.