Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1989 Score, Mark McLemore

#208 Mark McLemore

I got this card signed in Arlington, Texas, just like yesterday's card. Mark works for Fox Sports and he does the pre- and post-game shows. I found out about this last year from my uncle, buy it was after I had got to Texas without any cards of him. So I came prepared this year with three cards.

I found out last year that there is a special booth set up on the concourse by the left field foul pole where he does his shows. So this year, I went over to that area after after getting the cards signed from the broadcasters and waited for Mark to show up. It was some good timing because I had to wait less than a minute before I saw him. I went up to him and he signed all three cards for me.

Of the three cards that he signed for me, this one looks the best. The card has so many light colors on it that the signature really stands out.


Tom said...

Thanks for reminding me about the broadcasting booth. I might try to get one of his Astros cards signed this weekend at either the Saturday or Sunday game.

zman40 said...

No problem and good luck.

zman40 said...

No problem and good luck.

DK said...

What were the other two cards you got him on? Any chance an 89 donruss?

zman40 said...

Sorry DK. I looked through my '89 Donruss cards before I went, but I didn't have one of Mark.