Thursday, September 10, 2009

1987 Donruss, Alvin Davis

#75 Alvin Davis

Here is another card from the Troll. I think that this will be the last one from him until I get up to cards from 1995 or '96. I would have guessed that this was a Spring Training autograph. But, after the comment that he left on the Phil Bradley autograph, I am willing to bet that this signature was obtained at the card show in New Britain, Connecticut. The show had an odd group of ballplayers there- three Mariners (Bradley, Davis, and Spike Owen) and Jim Bouton and Don Mincher. Sounds like it would have been a cool show to have attended.

As for Alvin Davis, I remember him because of a card in this set. It wasn't this card; it was his Diamond King card. 1987 was the first year that I collected Donruss and I really loved the Rated Rookie cards and the Diamond Kings. I figured that the DKs were of the guys that had the best season the year before. It wasn't until they came up with the MVP subset that I realized that that was not the case.

Tomorrow, I am heading to Baltimore to visit a buddy for a week. I'm hoping to take in a Wilmington Blue Rocks playoff game tomorrow if the weather cooperates. Then I will go to an O's game on Tuesday and hopefully meet up with Ryan of the Great Orioles Autograph Project. It should be a good time and I hope to have internet access and still put out a post a day.