Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1987 Donruss, Kevin McReynolds

#14 Kevin McReynolds

Amazingly, this is an autographed Padres card that did not come from Rod, of Padrographs. I can hardly believe it myself. This card actually came from the Collective Troll. This is the second Diamond King card that he sent me and this one is of a player that even spent a couple of seasons as a Royal.

In fact, Kevin was part of the deal that sent Bret Saberhagen to the Mets. It was him, Gregg Jefferies, and Keith Miller for Saberhagen and Bill Pecota. At the time, it was probably considered the worst deal in Royals history. Kevin only spent two seasons in KC, Jefferies was traded away after one year, and Miller spent most of his time in Omaha. But at the same time, Saberhagen started having arm troubles. While he did pitch for eight more seasons, he also missed two because of injury and pitched in less than ten games in two others.

So, looking back, the Royals traded Saberhagan at the right time.

I am going to guess that this card was signed during Spring Training. But, I could be wrong.


Anonymous said...

Did that trade really work for anybody?

I'll always remember Kevin McReynolds as the guy that would rather go hunting than play baseball, even though he had a pretty decent career.

Miller and Jefferies were basically utility players.

Saberhagen had one or two really good years for some really awful Mets teams, but he was hurt quite a bit.

Collective Troll said...

It was also from a connecticut card show appearance... he has a very interesting sig i thought. very small for someone who was sort of a power hitter...cheers!

zman40 said...

Paul- The Mets might have had a slight edge just by the fact that Sabes pitched there for more than two years. Other than that slight fact, that trade has got to be a push.

Troll- You had some cool card shows up there in Connecticut!

James said...

Mac always seemed so slow in LF, but he usually made all the plays. His stolen base #s with the Mets always surprised me.

Paul said...

Do you think he looks like Will Ferrell?

zman40 said...

In this card, no, and I don't have any other cards of him handy.