Saturday, September 5, 2009

1986 Donruss, Phil Bradley

#22 Phil Bradley

Here is another card that was given to me by the Collective Troll. This one features the former Mariner, Phillie, Oriole, and White Sock, Phil Bradley.

I always liked Phil as a kid because he grew up in the same town that some of my cousins were from, Macomb, Illinois. I always hoped that they would run into him on the street some off-season and get an autograph for me. But, it never happened. But, he is now part of my collection thanks to the Troll.

Phil was an All-Star in 1985. For the year, he hit .300 with a career high 26 home runs and 88 RBI. Those numbers started to decline in the following years and he was out of the Majors after the 1990 season.

He didn't play in 1991, but he was able to latch on with the Cubs AAA team in '92. He hit .248 with them in 42 games before being let go and picked up by the Angels AAA team. For them, he hit .299 in 41 games. That was his last season playing ball.

According to Wikipedia, Phil now works for the player's association and is an assistant coach for the softball team at his alma mater, Missouri. While Phil was at Mizzou, he was also the schools starting quarterback for two years.

Again, I believe that this autograph was probably obtained during Spring Training. Also, you can't go wrong with a signed Diamond King card.


Collective Troll said...

I love the Diamond Kings!!! The card was actually signed at a card show. It was the most bizarre pairing of Seattle players at a show at a high school in New Britain, Connecticut...
I believe that Don Mincher and Jim Bouton were there along with Bradley, Spike Owen and Alvin Davis. The lines never got too long! Glad you like the card my friend...

zman40 said...

Wow, that is an odd pairing of players for s show in Connecticut.