Thursday, September 24, 2009

1990 CMC, Orlando Mercado

#372 Orlando Mercado

Here is a card that I got signed in Kansas City last month. The Angels were in town and Orlando is their bullpen coach. I only got one card signed by him because this is the only one that I have. I thought that I would have had his '87 Topps card, and I did, but I didn't want to break a set to get it.

Orlando was pretty much a third catcher for his career. If a catcher got hurt on the big league club, he was the first one to get called up. He played in the Majors for parts of eight seasons with eight different teams (Mariners, Rangers, Tigers, Dodgers, A's, Twins, Mets, and Expos) and three seasons were actually with the same team (Mariners). He only got into 253 games in is Major League career, but I'm sure he enjoyed every minute of it.

His first Major League home run was a grand slam.

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