Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1986 Topps, Floyd Youmans

#732 Floyd Youmans

I got this card signed last month when I went to the Kansas City T-Bones game. Floyd was the pitching coach for the visiting Joliet Jackhammers.

At Community America Ballpark, the locker rooms are in right field. That makes it easier for me since I can catch both teams heading for the field from the same spot (as opposed to moving from dugout to dugout). The locker rooms open up on the concourse and the players head down the berm seating area to the field. I was set up at the bottom of the berm that day so I would have more time to identify the players as they came down.

Floyd was the first person to come down that I had cards of. It seemed like he spotted me at the halfway point of the berm and he watched me the rest of the way down. It was kind of strange. It's like he was thinking "there's one of them". But, when he finally got to the bottom, I went up to him and asked for his autograph. He seemed real nice and signed both of my cards and one that I had from Paul of Paul's Random Stuff.

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