Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1986 Topps, Rollie Fingers

#185 Rollie Fingers

Here is the second Fingers card that I got signed in Omaha. Just like with the first one, I picked this card up as a Brewers team set at the card shop across the street. I think it cost me $5 for this set, so I ended up spending $12 for two mid '80s Rollie Fingers cards.

Incidentally, I wrote to Rollie Fingers in the spring. I got my card back unsigned with a note saying that he charges $10 for an autograph. So, I guess I did alright getting two cards signed for $12. I just wish I would have known about him in advance so I could have got my '81 Donruss card signed. Oh well, I may send him the card and $10 one of these days.


Brian said...

He has a really nice sig..

zman40 said...

Something tells me that I have heard that before.

I hope you found a good place to put your 8x10!

Brian said...

You know I did...THANKS!