Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cards from Dinged Corners

A couple of weeks ago, I took part in an interesting little contest curtesy of Dinged Corners. It was a fairly simple contest. They bought a repack box and all one had to do was pick a team. Any card in the box that had a player from your team was yours. I, of course, picked the Royals and here is most of my loot from the contest.

You just cannot go wrong with two Royals Hall of Famers (White and Brett), the Royals single season home run hitter (Balboni), any Bo Jackson card, and a Gary Thurman Rated Rookie. I had completely forgotten that Gary was a Rated Rookie.

They also threw in a few newer cards.

Here are some Topps Attax that they sent. I haven't bought any of these cards so far, so they are all new to me. They even included a couple of Royals from this years Heritage set that I was needing. Also included was a Brett Favre from last years Goudey set. I wonder if Upper Deck recycled this photo for this years set.

They also sent me a few autographs, which I can never seem to have enough of. I am going to save a couple of them to post individually on here. But here is one that I will show tonight.

This is a signed index card from long-time Expo, NPB Central League MVP, and short-time Royal Warren Cromartie. They apparently sent a card to him to get signed and recieved this along with the signed cards. It looks like when he started to sign it, he picked a Sharpie that was about out of ink and he had to start over with a new one.

And probably the best part of the package was this piece of original art from Lucy. It was part of the thank you note that she sent.

Pretty good, isn't it?

All in all, it was a bunch of great stuff. Thank you so much!


Dave said...

Teahen and Bannister look very apprehensive.

Dinged Corners said...

Z, we are very glad you liked the cards! P&L