Tuesday, May 26, 2009

1981 Donruss, Alan Trammell

#5 Alan Trammell

I got this card signed through the mail this past March. It took me one month to get it back. I was kind of surprised to hear that Alan was signing through the mail now. While I am not 100% on this, I am fairly certain that I wrote to Alan when I was a kid. Afterall, he and Cal were the premeir shortstops in the American League in the '80s and Alan went to five All-Star games that decade. But, I did not have his autograph until a couple of months ago. I even checked my box of flat sports memorabilia, which contains a bunch of photos (signed and unsigned) that palyers have sent me throughout the years instead of signing the card, and there wasn't an Alan Trammell in there. So, I either didn't write him, which I doubt, or he didn't sign while he was playing. Either way, it's pretty cool that he signs now.

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