Monday, May 4, 2009

1993 Topps, Jim Riggleman

#513 Jim Riggleman

This card came to me from Rod, of Padrographs. Jim managed the Padres for two full seasons before moving on to the Cubs. He managed there for five years before being let go. Last year, he was the interim manager for the Mariners after John McLaren was fired. He is now the bench coach for the Nats.

I was actually happy when I got this card. I tried to find this card last year to get it signed at a game, but I didn't have it. This is the only major issue card of Jim that there is.

For some reason, Topps decided to put two managers on a card in 1993. I'm not sure why they did this and it is the only instance that I can think of when they did this. I guess they needed to free up some space to make room for the two expansion teams.

I don't think I ever noticed the bench full of players in the background until now.