Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1993 Upper Deck, Al Martin

#340 Al Martin

Here is the last card from 1993, for now. After this, I have three 1968 Topps cards that I got through the mail since I started my 1993s. I will then move up from there until I get to 1994. Once I get to 1994, the years are going to start moving a little faster. That was the year I started high school and when my interest in card collecting started to decline. So, I don't have as many cards from those years. Hence, I have fewer cards to choose from when going after autographs.

Anyway, on to this Al Martin card. I know that I got this card signed through the mail. What I don't know is why I have two cards signed by him. The first one was on a 1991 Line Drive AA card. Back then, I never sent more than one card to a player at a time. The only two that I sent two cards to were Juan Guzman and Tim Salmon and the second round of cards were sent because the first round looked like crap on the glossy cards. That obviously wasn't the case here as both cards signatures came out looking good. The only other possibility is that I sent Al one and he signed it and included another one. I wish I kept better track of these things back then.

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