Monday, March 9, 2009

1981 Topps, Greg Pryor

#608 Greg Pryor

Here is another card from Royals Fanfest. Pryor was one of many Royals Alumni that returned for the event. He was there the year before, as well, and I got this card signed by him. I didn't recognize him last year and had to ask someone who he was. This year, I remembered him from last year. But, it wouldn't have mattered since they had their names placed in front of them this time around.

I had another Greg Pryor autograph that I got at a card show signing in the late '80s.

Greg signed all three cards that I had of him. Two of them featured him as a White Sox and one had him as a Royal. This card, like the previous two I had of him, lists his position as 3B-SS-2B rather than just infield. This one also gives a nice close-up of the those classic collared White Sox jerseys.

I mentioned yesterday how nice autographs look on the '81 Donruss. Although I have a smaller sample size of '81 Topps, this autograph just doesn't match up with the '81 Donruss. The Donruss card fronts are much smoother than Topps. It doesn't make much of a difference if the player takes his time to sign like Bert Campaneris did. But a rushed signature turns out a little better on the Donruss, at least for the '81 cards. Unfortunately, I do not have a signed '81 Fleer to make a full comparision.

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