Saturday, March 14, 2009

1985 Topps, Frank White

#743 Frank White

This is the third Frank White card that I have posted on here. The first two were both 1989 cards (a Topps and a Donruss). This one is by far my favorite of the three because it is an '85 Topps. The first pack of cards I ever got were '85 Topps, so this set is special for me in that way. Every now and then I will buy a rack pack or two of these off of ebay just to for the sake of doing it.

I got this card signed at the Royals Caravan in January. Frank is a big stickler for the rules (one autograph per person), so I had my dad get this one signed for me.

I like the photo on this card. It looks like Frank is running to third. It may have been a 3-2 count with runners on first and second. Frank was running on the pitch and was peeking in to see if the batter was going to swing or not when this picture was taken. I don't know; it's just a guess.

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