Sunday, March 8, 2009

1981 Donruss, Ron Cey

#296 Ron Cey

Everyone else was getting Ron Cey autos through the mail (30-year old cardboard, OMGautos, and even Night Owl), so I figured that I might as well, too. I got this card and another one back in less than two weeks.

Ron played most of his career with the Dodgers. But, for me, I remember him as a Cub. When I first started to get into baseball, one of the things that helped spur my interest was WGN. I remember coming home from school and turning on the tube and watching the end of a Cubs game while I did my homework. That was how I was introduced to Ron Cey and that is how I remember him. But, unfortunately, I did not send him a Cubs card to sign. The ones I had weren't in that good of condition or didn't look like they would look good signed. So, I sent him this one and an odd one that I will post on here in about a week.

This is the eightteenth '81 Donruss that I have got signed. I love getting these cards signed for some reason. They always come out good, even when done in ballpoint pin. I would try to collect the whole set, but it would be counterproductive since I'm always trying to get these signed. I have three more of these cards out in the mail somewhere right now.


night owl said...

You're right, those '81 Donruss cards always seem to look good with the autos.

Ron Cey will never be a Cub. He's a Dodger all the way.

'30-Year Old Cardboard said...

It seems that Cey only adds his jersey number to Dodger cards. All of the successes I have seen from him lately include a #10 when he's wearing the LA uniform.

zman40 said...

I noticed that, too. The other card that I got is missing the #10.