Saturday, March 7, 2009

1981 Donruss, John Mayberry

#29 John Mayberry

I warned you the Mayberry was going to three-peat here. But this time he is a Blue Jay (I had to mix it up somehow). Prior to the 1978 season, John was sold to the Blue Jays who were about to start their second season.

In 1975, John hit 34 home runs for the Royals, setting the team's single season home run mark. He held that mark for ten years until Steve Balboni broke it. In 1978, he set the Blue Jays single season home run mark with 22 and then set it again two years later when he hit 30. That mark lasted six years. Jesse Barfield broke it when he hit 40 in '86. I never realized Jesse ever hit that many home runs.

John is a member of the Royals Hall of Fame. I have no idea if he is honored in any way in Toronto.


Anonymous said...

John really doesn't look too happy in that photo, does he?

zman40 said...

No, he sure doesn't. When that photo was taken, he was probaly thinking "WTF is a Donruss?". I might have thought about the same thing.

Tony said...

John has not been honored in that way by the Blue Jays, although he has come back to Toronto in the last few years for autograph appearances. He is a nice man, and was very happy about his playing days here in Toronto.