Sunday, March 1, 2009

1992 Upper Deck, Ted Wood

#12 Ted Wood

I got this card signed through the mail after Ted got called up to the Majors in 1992. In 1988, Ted was a first round draft pick of the Giants out of the University of New Orleans. He represented team USA in the Olympics that summer and the next year he reported to AA. He had to repeat AA in 1990. But, in 1991, he was in AAA most of the summer and got a cup of coffee in the big leagues. It was the same routine for the next two years. He only made it into 47 games in the Majors and he had 109 at-bats. He spent two more years in AAA before calling it quits.

Here is another example of me picking the wrong card to send (too much black jersey on the card). But, since Ted was a "Star Rookie", I didn't want to send a card that I didn't have a double of. So it was this or nothing. As for me picking the wrong cards to get signed, it only took me about sixteen more years to figure this out. Now, I'm a pro (or so I like to think).

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