Thursday, March 12, 2009

1984 Fleer, Jamie Quirk

#332 Jamie Quirk

Here is the second of three Quirk cards that I got signed at Fanfest. Jamie played for eight different clubs throughout his career. He even did three different stints with the Royals. But, out all of those clubs, he only has a baseball card with four of them. With this addition, I now have a signed Jamie Quirk card for every team he has a card of (Royals, Brewers, Cardinals, and A's). For a guy that bounced around so much, I found it odd that he was only traded twice. Prior to the '77 season, he was part of a package that brought Darrell Porter to the Royals from the Brewers. Then, late in the '78 season, the Brewers traded him back to the Royals. After that, he was sold once, granted free agency five times (all by the Royals), and released seven times.

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