Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1983 Topps John Mayberry

#45 John Mayberry

Here is the third and final post of the night. I will probably do three more tomorrow, but the final one will be a new name for the blog (except for the want list page).

So, here is the fourth card that I got signed at the Royals Caravan by John Mayberry. I know that I said he signed all three of my cards. Well, I always try to drag my dad to these events so that I can get a few extra things signed. This is the one that my dad got signed for me. This is John Mayberry's last Topps card.

John was very nice at the signing. I took my six-year old cousin with me so that he could meet some ballplayers and get his first autographs. After he got his 4x6 photo signed, I asked him "What do say, Will?". He told John thanks and John said "you're welcome Will". So, I thought that was pretty cool.

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