Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1993 Bowman, Kevin Higgins

#574 Kevin Higgins

Here is the final 1993 Bowman card that I have to show. This is another signed Padre card courtesy of Rod, of Padrographs.

Kevin only played in 71 Major League games, getting 181 at-bats. All of those games came during the 1993 season. He spent all of 1994 in AAA and that was his last season in baseball. One of his stats that stands to me is his strikeouts. They are consistently low throughout his career. The most he ever struck out was 38 times and that was a season in which he had 403 ABs. Unfortunately, he never walked much, or he might have been a good on base guy.

Another thing that stands out is the positions he played. In his one season in the Majors, he caught 59 games, played third four times, played outfield and first three times each, and played second base once. This guy had some versatility.

I love the photo on this card. There is about to be a play at the plate and you can see the ball almost to the catcher and the on deck batter telling the runner that he had better get down. It doesn't get much better than that.

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