Sunday, March 22, 2009

1988 Topps Stickers, Frank White

#39 Frank White

Actually, that should probably be "#39 Glenn Davis" since he is on the front of the card (the sticker portion). But, since it isn't signed by Glenn Davis, I am listing it as a Frank White card.

I got this card in a repack box a few weeks before Royals Fanfest. That was the only pack of this stuff that I have ever ripped. They are smaller than regular cards. There is a regular card behind this one in the scan so that you can see the difference in size. I'm not sure why there is a sticker on one side and baseball card like thing on the back. I guess Topps did this so you would still have something to collect and trade even if you removed the sticker.

I got this card signed at Fanfest this year. Just like with the Royals Caravan, Frank stuck to the rules and only signed one of my cards. He was the only player in the alumni lines that only signed one. I had three cards in my book and he decided to sign the one in the middle, this one. While he signed it, he said "it's been a long time since I have seen this card". And that was that.


Anonymous said...

Those were neat little cards. I remember buying them sometimes when I was a kid if I didn't have enough for the regular card packs. (I think the stickers were 25 or 35 cents, vs. 50 cents for the regular Topps packs.)

Dave said...

The Omaha Royals were pumping up their advance ticket sales this past winter with a Frank White sign and greet. My parents happened to be there getting me tickets for Christmas. They had no idea about the Frank White appearance -- just happened to be there. So they ran out and bought a baseball, getting back for him to sign it just as he was about to leave. I guess he groaned about it a bit, in a good-natured way, but you sure wouldn't know it by looking at the baseball. Right on the sweet spot...perfectly legible. It's a thing of beauty.

zman40 said...

That was nice of them (both the ball and the tickets).