Sunday, November 30, 2008

1990 Score

#236 Brett Butler

I got this card signed in the early '90s while Brett was playing for the Dodgers. Brett had a long career. He always had a good average and high OBP. He was a good lead-off man who stole over thirty bases a year for most of his career, although he never had a great stolen base percentage (.685 for his career).

This card wasn't a good choice to get signed as it is another dark card. It is slightly unique, though, as it lists his position as CF rather than OF. You don't see that too often (at least not that I recall).


JRJ said...

Didn't he lead the league in bunt singles for a long time too?

zman40 said...

Now that you mention it, that does sound right. But, I don't know how to check for that.

Play at the Plate said...

He had so many cards that showed him bunting, maybe more than anyone else ever. One of those would look good with a sig along the line of the bat.