Saturday, November 1, 2008

1989 Procards

#1679 Jay Bell

I got this card signed through the mail sometime in the early 90s when Jay was playing for those great Pirate teams. I don't really know why I sent a card to him at the time, since he didn't put up decent numbers until after he left Pittsburgh. Maybe I had an extra minor league card of him lying around that I wanted signed. I don't know. But, I'm glad that I did.

Unlike the last Procards card on here, this one wasn't part of a team set. But it still has a remarkably high number. I used to be able to find packs of this stuff at a local gas station around 1990. All of the cards were AAA players. This card and a Mark McGwire one are about the only decent cards that I got from this set.

Jay is best known for fathering a son that came up with the name for the Diamondback's mascot (which isn't even a snake).

This is really off topic, but, I love the name Buffalo Bisons. It's like saying the Automobile Cars or the Cougar Mountain Lions or the Father Padres or the Buccaneer Pirates or...I could go on and on about this, but I will just leave it at this. The Buffalo Bison's (and the Bills, for that matter) name is much better than the Buffalo Sabres. Nothing against the Sabres, but their name sucks. The only problem with the name is that the plural for bison is bison. So, it's like calling the Manitoba Moose the Mooses.

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