Friday, November 28, 2008

1972 Topps

I finally got a few of my Padrographs back from the scanner. I'll probably post one of them a day until I get them caught up with the rest of my cards. So you could probably call this Padrographs II for the time being. Also, these cards were done on a different scanner, so the pictures should be noticably better. Here is the first and oldest one.

#248 Leron Lee

I had never heard of this guy (or the next four guys). I looked up his stats and he played parts of eight seasons with four different teams. He hit over .260 twice (a high of .300), but under .240 the rest of the time.


Anonymous said...

He also had a great career in Japan from 1977-1987.

zman40 said...

I had no idea. That's fascinating! Thanks for the links.

Rod said...

He is Derek Lee's Uncle

zman40 said...

Some more good info from the man that sent me this card. Do you remember how you obtained this signature, Rod?